The Life-Long Goals List

There are some variations of this going around, the online Bucket List, or the Impossible List. I feel that this title fits me better. It’s a combination of both.

This is a very personal list, and my goal of having it online as it is a more easily accessible and easy to view location, and perhaps for others to be inspired to do one as well.

Currently In Progress

  • Practice/ Learn a sport consistently every season (3-4 months per year)
    • May 2016 – Arnis, Re-started February 2017
  • Food Journalling for six months straight
    • Successful (March – August 2016)
    • Fell of the wagon – resumed January 2017, fell off again Feb 2017
  • Make one upcycled artwork/craft per month for 12 months straight
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Non-Fiction Book Reading
    •  June – The Personal MBA
    • July- Child Please by Ylonda Gault Caviness, Chilcen Soup for the Soul Parenthood
    • August- The Everyday Parenting Tooklit by Alan Kazdin, Stuffocation by James Wallman, Chicken Soup for the Soul Married Life, Uniquely Human A Different Way of Seeing Autism By Prizant, Barry M. ,
  • Retirement Savings = $350 a month (due to raise at work my RRSP savings there increased, yay!)


Health –  Fitness

  • Run a 5 K
  • Run a 10 K
  • Swim a full lap without getting tired
  • Confidently swim in the ocean without fear of drowning, and without actually drowning
  • Go for a nature walk/hike for over 3 hours without being cranky/worn out
  • Be able to carry my own body weigh
  • Practice/ Learn a sport consistently every season (3-4 months per year)

Health –  Nutrition

  • Food Journalling for 100 days straight- Achieved June 2015
    • Food Journalling for 6 months straight
  • Discover a salad recipe I like that I happily eat once a week
  • Experience a “Trendy Cleanse”

Professional Goals

  • Stay in a job for 3 + years and still feel kick-ass and fulfilled in the company
  • Have one scary career shift in my lifetime. Definition – a career where someone like  me is underrepresented, or takes an challenging amount of time and resources to achieve.

Creative Goals

Learning Goals:

  • Read 50 non-fiction books borrowed from the city’s public library
    • Current Count: 6
  • Read 50 new E-books on various topics, genres
    • Current Count: 1- June 2016
  • Read cover-to-cover the religious text of at five major world religions
    • Current Count:

Personal Goals:

  • Feel comfortable with communicating with maternal Grandma. Aka having a conversation without having an emotional breakdown afterwards.
  • Learn how to drive and comfortably use the household car.

Financial Goals:

  • Monthly Retirement Savings of $500 per month – not including work RRSP savings
  • Emergency fund consistently at $2000 for six months straight

Filipino Cuisine Cooking Skills (competent to expert for at least 10 dishes each category):

  • Dessert/ Sweet Dishes
    • Homemade Puto, Bibingka, Yema, Arroz Caldo
  • Chicken Dishes
    • Chicken Tinola, Chicken Adobo, Arroz Caldo
  • Pork Dishes
    • Fried Pork Chop,Pork Sinigang
  • Beef Dishes
    • Beef Nilaga, Grandma General’s Beef and Mushroom, Filipino Beef Steak
  • Pasta Dishes
    • Carbonara, Filipino Style Spaghetti (sweet style with hotdogs and ground meat)
  • Vegetable Dishes
    •  Eggplant Torta
  • Seafood Dishes
    • Fish Sinigang
  • Unusual Meats Dishes


  • Visit every province in Canada
    • 2016 – Alberta (outside home base in Edmonton) and British Columbia
  • Visit Philippines (home country) every five years after 2013

Various Activities

  • Skydiving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Pole Dancing (completing a course)
  • Camping

Nonprofits to Strongly Support or Start

  • Poverty Elimination in Home City
  • Gender Based Violence
    • Shelter/ greater support for male victims