General Point of View

Crafted words, visual art and more from Giselle General.


Charity employee. Orphan survivor. An equal half of an interracial relationship. Unique mother/sister to my bro. A young adult trying to get my act together. Many things would describe me, and I’m sure this will evolve as well. I hope that these have captured your interest and try to read up my writing about my views in life. I write posts on personal topics that interest me on a personal level, and I hope that a word or statement would leave you with some positive impact.


In relation to my art, I am what you can describe as an artist since early 2014, as inspired and heavily encouraged by my significant other. In this page I will be sharing the pieces of art that I have worked on. Please contact me for permission to use my photos.

I do mostly abstract art and I enjoy incorporating upcycled elements in my work. The beauty of abstraction is the variation of reactions and interpretations that the viewers share with me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed.

Where and How to Buy my Art

  1. Contact me directly: Send me an email to purchase any of the artwork featured on this website. Would you like me to create something one-of-a-kind for you? Shoot me a message at
  2. Feature wall at Padgett Business Services: Do you need help with your accounting needs? Come visit Padgett Business Services at 9925 50 St NW. They provide bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and businesses. My work is displayed in their office where you can purchase them directly from the reception desk.
  3. Feature wall at DECSA: Support an artist and a nonprofit agency in one! DECSA provides various services to help the vulnerable members of our community gain life skills and support to gain employment. If you purchase any of my work, part of the proceeds goes to support the organization.
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