New Beginning, New Blog Name, New Focus: FilipinaYEG


Happy New Year!

When this blog was started about five years ago, it was right after my partner and I have returned from our first trip together to the Philippines. There were lots of ups and downs, and lots of lessons learned. It was why my first posts were about some of the feedback I wanted to share about tourism in the Philippines.

As 2018 rolled around last year, my community involvement and view of myself as a person had evolved somewhat. It is the same year that we had another visit to the Philippines planned. As this blog reached its 100 post, it provided an opportunity to switch gears in my blogging activities.

In recent years, how I get involved in the community through writing had expanded: from the community league, the provincial newspaper of the Filipino community, live tweeting, and advisory boards. I have been learning also on how to embrace key phrases to describe my identity, and be also more focused on the messages I want to convey.

General Point of View is exactly just that – not just a pun based of my last name, but also an opportunity to express broad views on any topic that comes to mind. This time, I would like to have a little bit more focus, making the purpose of my blog a bit more evident.

So, moving forward, I will be writing for my new blog,

The purpose of the blog is a bit more local, but perhaps a bit global as well. In simplest terms, I want to share tips, thoughts, reflections on how to live a good life in my current homebase (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) given my identity (as a woman, immigrant, orphan, survivor, millennial, etc.) Which, come to think of it, is a theme of a number of my other blog posts in the past.

What will happen to this blog? It will not be shut down anytime soon, since I think that the posts, even when they become dated, will be of value to some people. That may change and if it does, there will be an update.

So for 2019, come and join me in this new journey of information sharing, reflection and fun documentation! Follow, share or subscribe to!

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