Enough – A Poem


Contentment, as in

This amount, I like it, want to embrace it

What is being given

I now, have enough

Please keep it, let it continue

Having less will be a loss, but won’t need to ask for more


Boundaries, as in

This is all I can take, all I can tolerate

I’ve had enough

Don’t dare to inflict too much

As the outcome can be retaliation

Or this situation, this potentially harmful condition

Will be over for good


Acceptance, as in

What is given, what is shown

Is not perfect, graceful or flawless

However, I admire it, I really appreciate it

My love, you are enough

Myself, I am enough

No masks needed

No pretense, just raw and real


Adequacy, as in

The purpose will be fulfilled

What we have, is indeed enough

With these items and their quality

Progress can be started

Completion will occur



One thought on “Enough – A Poem

  1. It is always a personal decision if someone had enough of whatever life brings One has to put into good use what they have to carry on a positive life. As the good old saying “life is too short not to be happy” because you deserve it.

    😘❤️🌹La V.

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