Art Post – May 2017


I’ll do this while waiting for you‘. That’s what this piece essentially is.

As I wait for my significant other, as we do our routine to end the day. There is comforting predictability and anticipation, on what would happen when we are both ready for bedtime. There will be time to connect, there will be time to talk, there will be time to simply just be. The process, that helps get settled, leading to a peaceful rest.

In this particular instance, I was feeling a bit more restless. I believe I  happened to be ready much earlier than he is. Working off the little bit of impatience, reminding myself that it is worth the wait. Those antsy waiting that was only a few minutes in duration, felt a lot more faster when my mind and hands were creatively occupied.

And then, here he came! All ready and so am I! Just like every other night, it was worth it.





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