Permission – A Poem

When would I, when should I, when can I?

Take a step

try to reach



How would I, how should I, how can I?

speak my thoughts

care to think

maybe react


The opportunity, the indulgence

to immerse myself

in my rawness


The freedom, the chance

to release

to resist

without a care in the world


Take a shot at being



and real


Shed the armour of




even for a little while


Will I witness

The embrace of acceptance

Or repulsive rejection?

But either one

Will be found in truth.


It’s okay

Take the plunge

Take the leap.


One thought on “Permission – A Poem

  1. Hi Giselle, How are you? Hope you are well and being strong to face the daily challenges that come your way. Your poem is very nice and full of deep meanings. You are so talented and a beautiful person, and I am very proud of your achievements. I wish you, Gregory and Cory a Happy Easter. Take care and God bless. ❤️😘La V.

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